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Cord cutting is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States. Entertainment consumers are fed up with the rising costs of cable and satellite. They are looking for better and cheaper options.

Fortunately, streaming services are allowing users to consume content in a new and exciting way. Many of these services provide top movies and shows at a fraction of the cost of cable. While these services are great they are missing some network shows and many live events. To get these top events most consumers are now considering digital antennae. There are many digital antennae on the market, but one popular option is the TV Surf antenna.


The TV Surf antenna is an indoor digital TV Antenna. The TV Surf antenna is razor-thin and is designed to be mounted anywhere in your home. The TV Surf antenna is designed to get 1080p High-definition signals from tv towers in your area. The antenna has a 30-mile reception radius, and this radius can be extended with an amplifier.

The antenna picks up both VHF and UHF channels and offers a 20 dB gain. This means you should pick up most over-the-air channels and they should come in crisp and clean. With this antenna, you can pick up 50+ HD channels and you’ll be able to pick up amazing television shows and sporting events.

The TV Surf antenna can be used either indoors or outdoors, but most experts warn that the signal can be interrupted by mounting it indoors. If you live in an urban area with lots of channels to choose from, then you should be fine mounting it indoors. If you live far away from some tv towers, then you might want to mount your antenna outdoors.

TVSurf Antenna Review 2018 Features and Specs

230 x 102 mm dimensions
86g weight
Black color
4 meter high performance cable
Distance range of 30 miles
Multidirectional reception
Range amplifier up to 50 miles
1080p HDTV


When you buy a new piece of entertainment equipment you probably want to know how hard it will be to install. Everyone hates having to spend the whole day setting up a new piece of equipment. Fortunately, installing the TV Surf antenna is really easy. In just three steps you’ll be able to install the antenna and enjoy your favorite shows.

The first step is to get the coaxial cord that comes with your antenna out. You’ll take the cord and connect the antenna to your television’s coaxial port.

Once you’ve plugged your antenna into your television you next need position the TV Surf antenna somewhere it will get great reception. This may take a bit of work, but you should be able to find a good spot.

Finally, you need to scan for channels. This is easy on most television sets. First, you go into your television settings. Then you change your input to “antenna”. Then you start a scan for channels. This scan can take up to 30 minutes. Once the scan is done you should find several great channels.

One thing to remember when you are setting up the antenna is that TV Surf recommends that you set your antenna up outside. While many new antennae are designed to get a great signal indoors, TV Surf believes that you could lose up to 50% of your signal strength if you mount the antenna indoors. This is a significant loss and if you’re not in an urban area you might find yourself missing a lot of programming. If you can’t place the antenna outside, then you should at least try to place the antenna in the attic.

Overall, setting the TV Surf antenna up should only take you a couple of hours. Once you are done you’ll be able to watch television for free whenever you want.


The TV Surf antenna is an incredible product, but no product is perfect. There are several key pros and cons of using the TV Surf antenna.


The advantages of using this antenna include the following.

  • The reception radius
    The TV Surf antenna has a thirty-mile radius which should get you access to many television channels. The TV Surf antenna is compatible with most amplifiers. These amplifiers are pretty inexpensive and they will allow you to extend the range to 50 miles.
  • Potential cost savings
    The TV Surf antenna can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Many families are spending more than $100 a month for cable or satellite. With an antenna, you’ll receive your favorite programming for free.
  • Easy set-up
    The TV Surf antenna is extremely easy to set-up. You just have to plug it in and then scan for channels. The total set-up time is only a few hours.
  • Clear reception
    Using the TV Surf antenna you’ll receive channels in 1080p HD. They’ll look crisp and clear. This is truly the way that television was meant to be watched.


The disadvantages of using the TV Surf antenna include the following.

  • No cable channels
    You should get many channels with your television antenna, but you will not get cable channels. If you can’t live without ESPN, Bravo, Food Network, or HBO, then you may want to look into ways to get those channels.
  • Doesn’t work well indoors
    The TV Surf antenna is not designed to be placed indoors. When placed outdoors you’ll receive channels from 30 miles away, but when placed indoors this reception could be cut in half. Unless you live in an urban area you should count on placing your antenna indoors.
  • Should only be used on one televison
    You can use the TV Surf antenna on more than one television, but the installation process is very difficult. Additionally, you may not be able to turn the televisions to different channels at the same time. To have access to multiple televisions in your house, you should probably buy one antenna for each television in your house.
  • Have to buy it online
    The TV Surf antenna is only available online. You will not be able to go out to Target or Wal-mart and buy the antenna. Unfortunately, that means you can’t cut the cord today and watch your favorite shows tomorrow. You’ll have to go online and buy the antenna from TV Surf. This can be a little inconvenient, but it’s worth it if you really want the antenna.


Television programming has never been better. Analysts throughout the country believe that we are in the “golden age” of television.

With the TV Surf antenna you’ll have access to hit dramas like NCIS, Criminal Minds, and This is Us.

Additionally, you’ll have access to top reality shows like Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, and Big Brother.

People that are looking for laughs can enjoy top comedies like The Simpsons, Modern Family, and The Good Place.

Finally, the TV Surf antenna offers you access to college football, NHL games, NBA games, and NFL games. The content offered through your TV Surf antenna will keep you entertained for hours.


The TV Surf antenna can be found for around $39 at several internet retailers. The TV Surf company even offers a discount for buying more than one antenna. If you order five antennae, then you can buy them for $150 total or $30 each. Additionally, new customers can expect to receive free shipping and if they need their order right away they can pay $2.49 for expedited shipping.

While the price for the TV Surf antenna is incredible, and the company believes in their product, they want customers to be totally confident in their purchase. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee to any customer that isn’t totally satisfied with their purchase. You simply call the company and they’ll authorize a return and a full refund.


In our opinion, the TV Surf antenna is an excellent option for consumers. It offers you great reception without having to pay the ridiculous prices of cable.

While we believe the TV Surf antenna is a great option, we believe buying a TV Fix antenna (click here to read our TVFix review) might be a better option. The TV Fix antenna offers the same incredible features offered by the TV Surf antenna, but it is a little easier to install and it has a wider reception radius. The TVFix can pick up signals from 35 miles away and it can be boosted with an amplifier up to 60 miles.

Additionally, this antenna works well indoors or outdoors, giving you more options when it comes to positioning your antenna. If you have several tv towers just outside the radius of most antennae in your area, then you may want to upgrade to the TV Fix.

Overall, whether you pick up a TV Surf antenna or a TV Fix antenna you are sure to enjoy the experience. You’ll be watching the top shows in the country and the most exciting live events all for free and in high-definition. Antennae are an incredible value for any television lover.