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When cutting the cord you must plan ahead. You don’t want to lose access to the content you love most, but you need to save money.

One amazing option is buying an indoor antenna.

Owning an indoor antenna allows you to access your favorite television channels completely free.

With the right antenna, you can pick up top-rated shows, local news, and top sporting events.

There are many great options on the market today, but the “TV Radius” is an ideal option.


The TV Radius antenna has been called a top option in the digital antenna category. It is incredibly well made.

The antenna includes many features that you would expect out of any antenna.

The antenna has a range of 30 miles. This range should help you pick up most channels in your area, if necessary you can buy an amplifier and extend the range to 50 miles.

The TV Radius antenna also offers incredible clarity. You’ll be able to watch your favorite tv shows in full 1080p HDTV. This is the resolution most people watch cable in, so you shouldn’t be able to notice a difference.

One important factor to realize is that you’ll only receive an HD signal if the content is broadcast in HD. Most major networks broadcast in HD including CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC. Some local broadcasts and many independent channels only broadcast in standard definition.

The TV Radius is an impressive digital tv antenna that is capable of picking up hi-definition broadcasts.


The TV Radius is extremely well designed.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the TV Radius is its size. It’s only about 200 x 100 millimeters square.

Additionally, the antenna weighs less than a 100 grams. The size factor makes this antenna perfect for many entertainment systems. You should be able to place the antenna anywhere in your living room. Some people tuck their antenna behind a picture frame or right behind the television. It is so lightweight you can even hang the antenna on a wall.

Another incredible feature is the multi-directionality of the reception. You won’t have to change the direction the antenna points in just to pick up a particular program. You may still have to find the right placement for your antenna, but once you find the right spot you shouldn’t have any problem watching television.

Overall, the TV Radius is extremely well featured and would make an excellent antenna for most people.

TVRadius Antenna Review 2018 Features and Specs

1080p HDTV
230 x 110 mm dimensions
Distance range of 45 miles
Color: Black


When you consider buying an antenna you probably are wondering what channels and content you can receive. You won’t be able to receive some paid cable channels like HBO, ESPN or Fox News. This is true, but if you are the right location you’ll have access to up to 40 channels. That’s a lot of content to choose from.

In most of the United States, you’ll have access to ABC, NBC, CW, Fox, PBS, and CBS. This will give you access to 90 of the top 100 programs in the United States.

You’ll be able to watch top dramas like NCIS, Timeless, and The Flash.

If you prefer comedy, you’ll be able to watch amazing comedies like Family Guy, Superstore, and Fresh off the Boat.

Most channels offer great reality shows like Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars, and the Amazing Race.

Those that enjoy local and world news will have a variety of options and can even enjoy weekly news specials like 60 Minutes.

Finally, you’ll have access to some of the top sporting events in the world. The World Series, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the NBA Finals can all be watched via television antenna.

The nighttime programming on network channels is amazing, but you’ll also receive amazing daytime and afternoon programming.

Most network channels air a large number of reruns in syndication. In syndication, you can enjoy classic shows like Friends, Seinfeld, That 70’s show, and King of the Hill. This syndicated programming is sure to keep you entertained. Additionally, most channels show either game shows, talk shows, or soap operas during the day.

You can enjoy amazing shows like the Young and the Restless, the Price is Right, and the Tyra Banks shows. The daytime programming can keep you entertained for hours.

If you’re looking for more educational programming, then you should strongly consider watching PBS. PBS provides some of the best shows in the country. Their children’s programming like Barney, Sesame Street, and Mr.Rogers Neighborhood can keep your child entertained and teach them important life lessons. At night they show amazing programs like documentaries from Ken Burns and the Antiques Roadshow.

You can even catch top British programs like Doc Brown on PBS.

One final source of quality programming is independent channels.

In most of the United States you’re likely to pick up one or two independent channels, but in major urban centers, you may get 10 to 15 channels.

These independent channels usually air old television shows and classic movies. Sometimes they’ll air local sporting events like high school and college football games. It may take some time to understand what programming you can expect on each channel, but eventually, you’ll find some quality content on your independent channels.

With a digital antenna, you’ll have access to amazing programs and it is completely free.



There are several key pros to buying this antenna, here is just a short list.

  • Multidirectional
    This antenna can pick up a signal from any direction. Meaning you’ll never have to worry about moving the antenna around just to get a signal.
  • lightweight design
    The TV Radius weighs in at just 86 grams and very small. This will make it easy to put the TV Radius wherever you need it.
  • Support for 1080p HD
    This antenna will pick up channels in full 1080p HD, meaning you’ll be watching your favorite shows in the best possible way.


Unfortunately, there are some cons to purchasing the TV Radius antenna. Three big cons include the following.

  • Standard Range
    This antenna only has a range of 30 miles. This makes the antenna less than ideal for some rural users. You can buy an amplifier, but that does increase the cost. You may want to look up your local television towers before purchasing this antenna.
  • Slow shipping
    Most people want cutting the cord to be a smooth and quick transition. Unfortunately, getting your TV Radius antenna can take awhile. TV Radius can take several weeks to get you the product. They’ve received several complaints from customers about their shipping speed. If you can’t wait to cut the cord, then you might want to consider other products.
  • High price
    The TV Radius is considered more expensive than many comparable models. You can get similar products like the TV Fix antenna for around $35. If you’re willing to buy a different product, then you can save a little bit of money.


Cutting the cord is an extremely wise financial decision, but you need the right tools to do it.

A quality antenna will give you the local programming you desire.

With the right television antenna you can watch the top shows in America and many of the best sporting events.

The TV Radius is a great antenna, but if you’re looking for a better price point, then you may want to consider the TV Fix antenna (click here to read our TVFix review).