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TV Fix antenna review 2018

The last decade has provided a revolution in television.

For years, people put up with increasing bills from their cable and satellite companies. While costs have been increasing for years, many people felt like they had no other option.

Now, video streaming services like Netflix have presented people with cheaper and more exciting options. Millions of people subscribe to services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. When you ask yourself how to get rid of your cable bill, one of your first steps is probably to get a service like this. Unfortunately, many people have discovered that subscription streaming services do not meet all their needs.

You can’t get your local news through a streaming service, nor can you get many major sporting events. Additionally, getting your soap operas or network shows through a subscription service can be cumbersome and often cause you to be weeks or months behind your friends. To get your local networks, you should strongly consider getting a tv antenna.


TV antennas are a fairly old technology, but when you think about them you probably envision a giant metal structure and lots of static on your television.

Fortunately, time and technological progress have made tv antennas a much better option. You don’t need a tv antenna outdoor area to get a good signal. The TV Fox antenna is a small piece of equipment that you plug into your tv and keep inside. It gets a 30-mile range, which makes it perfect for most locations within the United States.

Unlike old antennas, the TV Fox is multi-directional, meaning you’ll never have to turn it to get a signal. The antenna can even pick up HD channels in full 1080p. You can watch your favorite shows in full HD, and these signals are completely free. You might be skeptical and find yourself looking up “tv fox antenna scam”, but this antenna is a great option.


When considering any television accessory, you should always look into the cost. Many entertainment accessories can cost hundreds of dollars. Often they require a costly subscription.

A home antenna is a fairly low-cost investment that will pay for itself quickly. At stores and online retailers, you can find an indoor digital antenna for $40-45. Longer range antennas can cost as much as a hundred dollars. This purchase should quickly prove to be an incredible value.

TVFix antenna offers a superior product for a fraction of the cost. I don’t know how they do it, but you can buy these antennas in bulk for dirt cheap. I don’t want to bog you down with figure details because I really want to tell you more about this product. But when you can buy two antennas for just $33 each – it’s a steal.

If you buy multiples of 4+, you can secure a 66% discount or higher.

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When trying to find the best digital tv antenna for you, you need to consider several important things.

First, you should understand what an antenna can do. An antenna will not pick up some paid cable channels. If you can’t live without the latest episode of “Ballers” or “Top Chef”, then you may want to look into streaming options.

Next, you need to find your closest television towers. This is actually a simple task. A visit to TV Station Finder will help you find all the nearest towers. if you can’t find the channels you want within 60 miles, then you are unlikely to get a good signal.

The next step is to consider where you’re going to install the antenna. If you’re in the middle of a major city with multiple television towers, then you can probably install your home antenna right beside your television.

If your nearest television towers are 45 miles or more away, then you should be more careful about where you place your antenna. Placing your antenna in a basement or deep into your house will impact performance. Be sure you have a great place to put your antenna before making the purchase.

Finally, you should choose your options.

Some antennas operate on a single band. These antennas will either be able to pick up just low VHF channels or high VHF channels.

Dual Band antennas, like the TV Fox (TV Fix) antenna, can pick up both types of channels. If you want to watch channels on both bands, then you need a dual band antenna.

Additionally, you also need to consider the decibels of gain.

Decibels are often used as a measure of sound but in this case, the term measures reception capacity. You want at least 7 to 12 decibels, and a high number is considered better.

The TV Fox antenna is towards the top of the class with 20 decibels of gain.

This means the antenna will give you a great signal if you’re within range of a tower. If you carefully consider your tv viewing habits and where you live before you buy an antenna, then you are sure to be happy with your purchase.


People often choose to cut the cord for budgetary reasons, but then find themselves upset at their channel selection. Before you buy a TV Fox antenna, you should be aware of your channel selection. When looking into TV Fox antenna channels, you’ll discover a wide range of options. This antenna should get all your local network channels.

That means you’ll get NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, and PBS. Additionally, you’ll probably get the CW and a variety of local access channels.

In major cities, you might get up to 80 channels. This gives you access to a great deal of programming, including your local news and most sporting events throughout the United States.

Before cutting the cord you should make a list of the content you want to watch. You’ll probably find that you can access all the content you want through a combination of streaming services and the TV Fox (TV Fix) antenna channels.

You can save money and get the shows you want if you are strategic about your purchases.

Spend the time adjusting your antenna’s placement, and once you do, you’ll be able to receive:


Sports Shows News
Local sports teams are available to watch on television. You’ll be able to watch NBA, NHL, NFL and other sports for free. You’ll be able to receive the Olympics as well as the playoffs for all major sports. It’s the perfect setup for cord cutters that want to watch their sports even without paying for cable. There’s a lot of television shows that are not premium. You’ll be able to receive most of the lower channels. I’m talking about CBS, CW, FOX, NBC and other channels. The local channels that are available are really awesome. You’ll be able to watch not only your sports teams, but you’ll be able to watch the news as well as weather channels.


When looking to buy an antenna, you should definitely consult technical reviews.

Most people know very little about HD antennas, so they’ll want to listen to experts on the topic.

There are many  HDTV TV Fix antenna reviews on the internet, and they mention several important points. Most technical reviews are amazed that this product can be produced and sold for so little. They zone in on the multi-directional element. This is a newer feature for antennas.

After carefully testing the antenna most reviewers believe the multi-directional feature to be fully functional and a major asset when it comes to placing the antenna.

Another key feature that reviewers focus on is the range. Most reviewers found the 30-mile range to be accurate. They also discovered that if you need a long range tv antenna, you can use an amplifier to extend that range to 60 miles. This range allows for a great signal throughout a 60-mile radius. This is a very impressive range for any television antenna.

Finally, most technical reviews zone in on the definition of the channels you’ll receive.

They were able to pick up channels in full 1080p HD. Some reviewers were upset that the antenna cannot pick up 4K signals, but they did mention that this is actually a rare feature in antennas. While we may start seeing 4K antennas hit the market in the next few years right now the TV Fix antenna is considered top of the line.

Technical reviewers have looked favorably on the TV Fix antenna.

The TV Fix HDTV antenna reviews have been mostly favorable, focusing heavily on its range and multi-directional capabilities. Additionally, the HDfreetv reviews, which focus on another antenna made by the same company were equally positive. This antenna should rank high on best indoor digital tv antenna 2018 lists, and it is a great choice for cord cutters across the country.

TV Fix Antenna Review 2019 Features and Specs

30 mile range
Versatile design
1080p HDTV
175g weight
Reversible design
280 x 180mm design
Multidirectional reception
Amplifier to boost signal to 60 miles


Setting up the TV Fix antenna is actually fairly easy.

When you open the box, you’ll discover the antenna and coaxial cable. You should place the antenna in a location that will get you a great signal, then you screw the coaxial cable into your television. This install should take only a few minutes.

Once you have installed the antenna, you need to find your television channels.

First, you turn on your television and go to the settings menu.

You should find a place where you can choose between cable and antenna input. You want to select “antenna”.

The next step is to let your television auto-search for channels. The television should give you a message telling you the scan will take around 30 minutes. You should hit the okay button and the television will do the rest. Find something fun to do for the next 30 minutes and when you come back you should have several great entertainment choices to choose from.

Sometimes, the scan will not reveal channels you were expecting to get. If you don’t like your choices, then you can look into an amplifier or you can change the antenna position. Before you freak out try placing your antenna near a window and then scanning for channels. If you live within range of the channels you want, then tweaking the position slightly should help. If you need a long-range tv antenna, then you should look into the amplifier to extend your range.

Overall setting up your new antenna should take less than an hour and should require minimum effort on your part. Once you have set-up your antenna you can enjoy your television for many years without worrying about any technical set-up issues. The ease of set-up is a major positive for consumers.


The TV Fix antenna has an amazing design. Many TV Fix antenna ratings mention the sleek and simple design during their analysis. The looks like a flat black piece of plastic. It is roughly a square foot in size and would easily blend-in anywhere. The antenna comes with a piece of adhesive tape, so you can easily mount it to a wall or a window. Consumers are sure to be pleased with the antenna design.


Older consumers may remember the weak signal of antennas from the seventies and eighties. These signals were nowhere close to high-definition, so consumers might be skeptical of current antennas. The TV Fix antenna blows past antennas out of the water. The antenna is capable of picking up 1080 HD signals, and most network channels are broadcasting in high-definition. When using this antenna you’ll regularly find yourself watching your favorite shows in full 1080p. Consumers are sure to be pleased with the signal quality offered by this antenna.


While the TV Fix antenna is actually a pretty simple product to install and use, there is a possibility that you will run into trouble. Clearview offers support via e-mail. If you have issues with your order or the product, then you can email the company at They promise to get back to customers within 24 hours. Additionally, if the problem seems to be relatively minor, then you may be able to get help from a simple internet search. Millions of people are using these antennas, so you probably are not the first person to encounter your problem. Regardless of your problem, you are likely to find a solution within a day or so.


There are several key advantages to owning a TV Fix antenna.

First, the antenna is relatively inexpensive. When you search “TV Fox antenna where to buy” in your search engine, you are sure to find several stores selling the antenna.

The next benefit is the programming. You’ll be able to access multiple network channels in high-definition for free.

Another advantage is the sleek style offered by the TV Fix antenna. The antenna is small and can easily be hidden in your living room. In the past, television antennas had to be installed on your rough, and they were quite ugly.

One final advantage is the ease of installation. You should be able to install the antenna within an hour or two. The advantages offered by this antenna are numerous and make the antenna an incredible value.

Unfortunately, the TV Fix antenna has a couple of disadvantages. The antenna is limited by the tv towers in your area. If you don’t have multiple tv towers within thirty miles of you, then you will not enjoy using this antenna. Additionally, the TV Fix antenna will not pick up some cable channels. If you can’t live without ESPN or HBO, then you will not be pleased with the channel selection offered by TV Fox antenna.

These disadvantages are annoying, but they are not exclusive to the TV Fix antenna. These advantages apply to all antennas. When you search “what is the best tv antenna” you are likely to find the TV Fix antenna towards the top of several lists. The TV Fix antenna ratings should give consumers confidence in this great product.


  • Multidirectional reception enables users to receive a strong signal from all directions
  • 1080p high-definition channels are able to be signaled into the home
  • You do not need to sign up for any monthly contracts or go through any complicated setup processes. Thus, there is no need to worry about monthly payments
  • The product is highly reliable and trustworthy
  • The best part is that the distance range of the device is about 30 miles
  • That range can also be boosted up to 60 miles if you install an amplifier along with the device.


  • It is a little costly to buy, though you do get the added advantage of not having to make any monthly payments to get your favorite channels.


The TV Fix antenna offers access to many channels in full HD. You should check the Station Finder to see what channels are in your area before you purchase an antenna. Make sure you buy an antenna that has the range you need and has great reviews. The product you pick should be easy to install and should improve your television entertainment experience.


Cable and satellite bills have gotten out of control.

These prices are destined to continue to grow. For most financially prudent people the smart option is to cut the cord. To continue enjoying the same programming that you’ve enjoyed for years, you’ll need the right tools. The TV Fix antenna is a great option for people that want access to quality HD programming for free.

The TV Fix antenna is a great product, that will give you access to network channels from throughout your area.

This antenna will be featured on best digital HD TV antenna 2018 lists. You’re sure to enjoy the entertainment offered by this product.


No, you don’t need an internet connection in order to use TVFix or any of the indoor antennas

These indoor antennas work in any country. The only limiting factor is that you have to be in a 30 miles range of a broadcasting Tower, but there is an amplifier that allows you to receive the Signals from up to 60 miles away. You can check your nearest broadcasting tower availability on this site:

You can receive dozens of free tv channels:

  • FOX
  • ABC
  • FOX
  • PBS
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • etc.

You won’t receive premium channels like:

  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • Cinemax

Using the TV remote, select The following:
1. Menu
2. Settings
3. Channel Setup.
4. Antenna or Air (which ever one is one your TV)
5. Channel Search or Channel Scan
Helpful Tip: Running a channel scan is NOT the same as pressing Channel UP or DOWN on your remote control.

Most cities throughout the United States and Canada use towers that broadcast OTA signals in both VHF and UHF signals. You could find out which channels should be available at the suggested FCC links below:

Distance from the tower, terrain, hills, buildings, tall trees, mirrors, even metal in the walls can make it difficult to obtain a clear signal. Many people have trees and could still get a couple of stations without difficulty. It all comes down to trying it out first. There is no way of telling until you try it out.


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    1. Hi Rosa, yes TvFix is available and is working in the U.K.

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    1. Delores, unfortunately with these antennas you won’t get premium channels, like HBO.

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    1. Hello LJ, Great news! You don’t need an internet connection in order to use TVFox or any of these antennas

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    1. Hi Liz,

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      Yes! TVFix is available and is working in Hawaii as long as you are within a 30 mile (Or with the amplifier 50 mile) radius from a Broadcasting antenna.

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      Yes! TVFix is available and is working in Hoolehua,Hawaii as long as you are within a 30 mile (Or with the amplifier 50 mile) radius from a Broadcasting antenna.

      You can buy a TVFix with a special discount by clicking on this link

  9. Just received my antenna in the mail, plugged it in and searched channels. Wahlah! Great HDTV photo and improved sound. Quite an improvement over my SDTV tuner, especially the sound. Picture is a good 1080i quality.

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    1. Hi, Dan. This kind of antenna pick up normal channels. Like ABC, also suit for kids. So not worry about that.

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    1. Hello, Mike, yes sure thing, you can use in the Philippines. Please order TV Fix from official website
      He bear the shipping cost, and support online payment

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    1. UK has a good Freeview coverage, you should be fine.

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  18. how do i set this up?

    1. Hi Martin! Please see the steps below.

      1. Using the appropriate coax connector provided, connect TVFix Antenna to the back of your TV’s coaxial receiver.
      2. Position TVFix Antenna on the wall, window, behind a picture frame, on a shelf – whereever to get you the best reception. Reception will depend on you geological environment.
      3. Conduct a channel scan on your TV with TVFix Antenna selected as the source.
      4. Enjoy your free TV content.

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