TV Fix Antenna Review 2018
TVRadius Antenna Review 2018
TVSurf Antenna Review 2018
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Range (miles) 30(up to 60) 45 30(up to 50)
Cable Length (feet) 7.8 7.2 13.1
Channel Availability 80 40 70
HD Quality
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Millions of people across the country are giving up on cable and satellite. They are fed up with rapidly rising bills and contracts that can change on a dime. There has never been a better time to cut the cord.

There are dozens of amazing streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix, CBS All Access, and HBO Now. Additionally, technology has upgraded the antenna from a staticky mess to a delivery device for high-definition content.

With the right TV antenna, you can watch top primetime shows, sporting events, and your favorite talk shows in crisp 1080p.

There are many great options on the market, so you have to take several steps to get the best possible antenna. You should consider the design, reception radius, support, and ease of set-up. By looking at these features you’re sure to find an antenna that will best serve your entertainment needs. Finally, you should take a quick look at reviews of the antenna.


The antenna has risen back to prominence for several key reasons, including the improvement in technology, the high cost of cable, and the diversity of over-the-air options.

The last decade has led to a technological revolution in broadcast and antenna technology. The resolution broadcasted over the airwaves has increased drastically with most stations now broadcasting a digital signal in full 1080p. Additionally, broadcasts now come in crisp and clear and tv antennas are now small and easy to tuck away behind a television.

The improvements in technology are a major asset, but rising cable costs are an even bigger reason why antennae have become more relevant. Cable has gone from an affordable luxury to an out of control expense that many people do not want to pay any longer.

Antennae offer completely free content and this content will never increase in price. Millions of people are cutting the cord and switching to antennae plus a couple of streaming services and getting all the content they need.

One final reason that antennae have become increasingly relevant is the improvement in entertainment options getting broadcast over the air. The number of over the air options has ballooned from just the big 3 to at least 7 or 8 in most areas. In most areas, you’ll get CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, the CW, PBS, and several independent options.

On these channels, you’ll get most major sporting events including the NBA Finals, the World Series, college football, and even the Super Bowl. Additionally, you’ll have access to the best shows on television and amazing syndication options. The entertainment options are a major reason why antennae have become incredibly popular with people today.

We’re going to be provide you with HD antenna reviews, and we’re going to give you something a little special. Our top product is simply the best-of-the-best, and after hardcore negotiations, we’ve convinced the manufacturer to provide a 50% discount and free shipping to our readers.

It’s a deal that’s too good to pass up, but we also review numerous other models so that you can choose the best indoor HDTV antenna for your home.


TV Fix is one of the top antennae on the market today. The antenna has been out for a few years now and includes several key features. First, the antenna has a thirty-mile range. This means that if a tv channel has a broadcast tower within thirty miles of your home, then you should receive a strong signal from that channel. Additionally, the TV Fix antenna is compatible with antenna amplifiers that can add another 30 miles of range. This would extend your range to 60 miles.

Another advanced feature is the multi-directionality of the antenna.

In the past, people would have to change the direction their antenna points in to pick up new signals.

With this antenna, all you need to do is find a good place to place your antenna. Once the antenna is installed you’ll pick up signals from around your area. Now, using an antenna is easier than ever before.

tv fox antenna

The TV Fix antenna is a great choice for those that want high-definition content.

The antenna is capable of picking up HD signals in full 1080p. That means you can enjoy your favorite network shows in full HD. You give access to best of the top-rated shows in the country and amazing sporting events completely free.

The TV Fix is incredibly easy to install.

When you receive the box you’ll find an antenna, an adhesive strip, and a coaxial cord. You should pull the antenna out of the box and place it wherever you think you’ll get the best signal.

Next, you should hook the antenna up to your television via the coaxial cable.

After this, you should turn your television on and go to the setup menu. In this menu you should go to input and choose either “Air” or “Antenna”. This ensures that your television is checking your antenna for a signal.

Finally, you should scan for channels. This scan should take about thirty minutes and it will reveal all the channels available from your home.

If you aren’t getting enough channels, then you can try to adjust your antenna position to get the most possible signals. Overall, setting your antenna up should take only a few hours and after installation, you’ll have access to dozens of great channels.


TV Fix Antenna
  • 30-mile range (longer range upgrade available)
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Easy to store
  • Maintains strong signal reception
  • Multiple platforms
  • Dual band reception
  • Up to 100+ premium channels
  • Discreet design
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Cheaper prices for bulk orders
  • Free shipping (our offer for you)
  • Color (Black/White)

The TV Fix antenna can be purchased from several retailers. This price is an incredible value, and if you live in the right area it will give you access to dozens of entertainment options. If you love television but hate paying huge cable bills, you should strongly consider installing a TV Fix antenna.

We know that money is tight for a lot of people. You work hard and want to save your money. So, we contacted the manufacturer and secured a 50% discount and free shipping for you. Seriously, you won’t find this offer anywhere else.

We’re not sure how long the discount will last, so you must take advantage of it now.

Oh, yeah. We almost forgot to tell you the most important thing.

If you buy multiple antennas, say for your friends, extra rooms or vacation home, you can receive 66% off (or more, depending on how many you buy). If you buy enough units, the cost is just $23.6 each, or you can buy 2 for $32.9 a piece with our special discount.

Stop debating and start watching free television today.


Digital Antenna TV Radius

TV Radius is another incredibly popular antenna.

This antenna was designed using military technology.

This amazing technology allows for a durable and powerful antenna. The radius has several features that will make this product popular with consumers.

Like the TV Fox, the TV Radius has a 30-mile range allowing you to pick up most channels. Also, the range can be boosted to 45-miles with an amplifier. You’re sure to pick up lots of free entertainment with the TV radius.

buy Tv Radius antenna
  • 45-mile range
  • Paintable exterior
  • 20DB in-line amplification
  • Multi-directional element
  • Lifetime warranty

The TV Radius is also designed to pick up high-definition channels. Just like the TV Fix, you can watch your favorite channels in full 1080p HD. Getting to watch America’s top shows and favorite sporting events will improve your entertainment experience.

The TV Radius is also like the TV Fix when it comes to multidirectional reception and ease of installation. You’ll never have to move your antenna around to get a better signal, and you should be set-up in a matter of hours.

The TV Radius shares a lot of similarities with other top models on the market, but it distinguishes itself from the competition by being slightly smaller and lighter.

The TV Radius antenna weighs in at a measly 86 grams.

Additionally, the TV Radius is only 230 millimeter by 110 millimeters. Compared to other antennae on the market this product is tiny, making it easy to tuck behind your television or mount on a window.

The TV Radius is an incredible option for cord cutters across the country, and the antenna can be had for just 35 dollars.


TV Surf Digital Antenna

TV Surf is another great antenna option. This antenna shares a lot in common with the TV Radius and the TV Fix.

The antenna picks up signals from up to 30 miles away and that range can be extended to 50 miles with an amplifier.

The antenna picks up 1080p HDTV, just like it’s competitors. The antenna is even easy to install and offers a multi-directional reception. This thin and light tv antenna blends in easily with the competition, but it does include one more key feature.

The TV Surf antenna is also compatible with laptop computers. This compatitibility combined with the portability of the antenna is an incredible asset. You can take the TV Surf antenna with you anywhere. You’ll be able to watch your favorite programs wherever you go. Additionally, some cord cutters don’t own televisions at all, so this compatibility will make it possible for you to watch your favorite shows without a television.

The TV Surf antenna is an incredible option for cord cutters throughout the country.


Most people probably remember TV antennae from their childhoods. Old antennae were known for struggling to get a signal. When you eventually got a signal the channel was often blurry and hard to watch. Additionally, there were only three or four channels.

Because of these experiences, many people are hesitant to buy an antenna. Fortunately, the times have changed. The three main reasons to buy an antenna today include the great reception, the amazing content, and the ease of use.

Antennae used to pick up blurry channels that had poor sound quality. Today’s new antenna can pick up signals in full 1080p HD. This means you can watch your favorite shows in the best possible way. The sound quality should also be amazing. Modern antennae are truly changing the way people watch television.

Another key reason to buy an antenna is the amazing content. You could easily pick up your favorite channels. This will give you access to all of the hottest television shows. Additionally, you’ll have access to the local news and major worlds sporting events. In some parts of the country, other broadcast channels have popped up. These channels often syndicate incredibly popular television shows. This content is completely free and is sure to keep you and your family entertained.

Modern antennae are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is plug the antenna into your television and scan for channels. You’ll have access to every channel within 30 miles of you. You should rarely have to change the position or rescan for channels. The ease of use makes modern antennae an ideal choice for cord cutters.

If you plan on cutting the cord, then you need a tv antenna. The antenna will give you access to most hit shows and plenty of sporting events. Buy a television antenna today.


Picking the right digital TV antenna can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of options and they all seem to be a great option. When choosing your antenna there are several factors to consider.

First, consider the design. You want an antenna that is small and flat. These antennae are easy to tuck away or place in a window. They offer a slim and stylish option for most consumers.

Next, you should consider which signals your antenna can pick up. Most quality antennae are designed to pick up high-definition television signals. Some older antenna will not pick up signals in true 1080p, so you should be sure to get one designed for modern television standards.

Another key factor is the signal radius. You want an antenna that will pick up all the channels in your area. Look up a map of television towers in your area and see how far they are from your home. Depending on your situation, you might be happy with a 30-mile radius, but you can get an antenna with a 60-mile. Before you settle on an antenna, make sure it will pick up all the signals you want.

Reversibility and the ability to be multidirectional are two other key features to look for in an antenna. You don’t want to get up every time you change the channel and a multidirectional antenna will allow you to get signals from any position. This technology is miles ahead of the antenna technology we had in the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Reversibility gives you additional flexibility in setting your antenna up, making it even easier to fit the antenna into your cramped entertainment system.

Finally, you should look at a few user reviews and some technical reviews before buying your antenna. Some users have ridiculous expectations, but the average person should leave fair and unbiased reviews. By reading through several user reviews and a couple technical reviews before buying your antenna you’ll be sure to buy the best possible product.

Carefully consider every aspect of your future purchase before buying an antenna. This will ensure that you get a great product and have access to the best entertainment.


While cutting the cord can be scary, if you take the right steps you will upgrade your entertainment experience. Pick a couple streaming options and then seek out a quality antenna. There are hundreds of options on the market, but the TV Fox (TV Fix) antenna is the best-of-the-best. If you pick it you’ll be watching your Free favorite high-definition programming within a few hours of receiving the antenna, while everyone else is paying crazy amounts.

It’s the right choice to watch television for free – and it’s legal, too.